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At first I just thought this was a new guy at the mag trying to do something different and "make news". Now it just seems that he is just Stupid. This isn't good business to alienate even a perspective group of customers. I have considerable time and money involved in my blazer but no more than the full size I had. Yes I have axles swapped in. I completely rebuilt the red trucks axles. Only thing left was the housings. Yes I swapped in another motor. Yes I did in the full size too. I have heard so much out of Jeep guys about how superior they are. I got thrown off a guy's lot for, after he completely trashed my red truck, pointing out he had a 454/th350/208/& 1 ton axles. I said his looked more chevrolet than mine did. He is a big shop around here and I have had no faith in him since. My confidense in this kid has been shaken after the second foot went down his throat.

Greg Powell
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