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To add to 45's post...

The whole media blaming "Assault Rifles" cracks me up as well. Seems like they've found a word that sounds ominous and strikes fear into the hearts of anti-gunners. An "assult rifle" in it's basic form is a semi-auto rifle, short-barreled perhaps with a muzzle break or flash suppressor, maybe a black handguard or bipod, etc. Oooh, it's still a single shot rifle like any other rifle. They make it sound like it is a full-auto, spray the area with bullets like the movies! I guess ignorance is bliss and it helps sell their misguided agenda. Like the other guys have said, there is a lenghty process to be able to possess a working machine gun. Maybe if they put more efforts into making people responsible for their own actions instead of blaming guns, society, their parents, etc.

Join the NRA! I love this one cause it cuts to the chase...
"64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday"

So we should all be penalized for the actions of a few stupid criminals? I think not. Vote Bush in boys! Gore scares the hell out of me!

Steve M
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"Heavy guns - Reach out and touch someone"
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