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<font color=blue>That is it! I have had it with petersen's. Them A*SHOLES have had there fun with the s10 bashing and I can not take it any more! I just got the November 2000 issue and there is more s10 BASHING in it by christian hazel. On page 89 he starts it out like this."Be honest. How many of you S-10 fanatics lost your mind when you turned the page and saw Lance Hammer's creation on 38.5 Boggers? Well we hate to disappoint you, but Lance's ride is actually a '74 Blazer. That's right, let the S-10 bashing continue! Ha, ha, ha." We all need to e-mail him and tell him how we feel! Here are the E-mails I have so far. I will try to get hazel's E-mail as well as a phone #. If you do not have the mag I am adding the page that I scaned so you can see for your self. I need to make it smaller and then I will add it.

[email protected].
[email protected]
[email protected]</font color=blue>

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