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Personally, I like to compare the 2nd amendment to the 1st amendment. If we are willing to "limit" our 2nd ammendment rights, what will stop us from limiting so-called "free speech" and "freedom of religion"? Nothing! That usually shuts the bleeding-hearts up.

What about "assault rifles"? Assault rifles were banned in 1938. In order to own one, you have to pay a $200.00 "fee", subject yourself to a background check, and have the class III weapon available for inspection by the BATF at ANY time, essentially giving the BATF permmission to search your property "at will". Anyone know HOW MANY CRIMES HAVE BEEN COMMITTED WITH A LEGALLY OWNED ASSAULT RIFLE SINCE 1938? That answer would be ONE (1)!!!!!!!! (sorry for all the yelling. I get a little worked up on this subject.) If I'm not mistaken, the ONE crime committed was by a Dallas peace-officer in the 40's. And "Only police and military should have guns"?


"An armed society is a polite society."

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