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Re: bumper/tire carrier Q\'s

I used a trailer hub/spindle/bearings on mine as well. I don't have access to a machine shop and so I used a Sawzall to cut the flange off the hub (the flange is the ring around the hub that has the lug studs on it. I then had to do a fair amount of grinding. All in all it took about 3 hours to cut, grind, grind, and grind.

I figured it would have taken an hour or two to find and take the hub to a machine shop (not to mention the cost).

I think this is the only way to go. I have a tire, gas cans, trail rack that all hinge on the hub. It is awesome.

As far as a latch goes, I bought one from Grainger (like McMaster Carr) that is super heavy duty. I think the Ubolt that latches is 3/8". When it is locked down there is never even a hint of a rattle.

I finished my bumper about a year ago, but just took some pics. I'll post them for anyone interested in one more design.


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