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Re: Are there any reliable odys?

Yeah some are...but not many! I have an 84 fl250 and it is a peice of ----. I have to work on it say 10 hours a month to keep it running...and there snorkel...HA! Peice of junk I cant go thru more than 1 foot of water anymore with out bogging down....I even have electric start on it because I was so ---- tired of pulling the starter...I have put in a new carb,new piston,rings,rod,crank, head, and about 100 spark plugs in the last 2 years...SERIOUSLY. It is running good now but I need a new tired of charging it every three days...that is the only reason I bought a battery charger...I did have a custom bumper made for it though! It is a winch bumper but I do not have a winch for it...I mainly ride my 200x atc. Totally moded.

There is no other odyssey type thing....the pilot 400 if you have that much money...I DONT! The 350 is okay but if you run it for more than 5 minutes at full throttle you will melt the piston...unless you buy a stinking watercooled head...MORE MONEY I AIN'T GOT.


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