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Re: Drain holes in \'glass tub?

Alec78CJ has a trick setup with his full rollcage with 6 point tie-ins to the frame, courtesy of himelf, FlMudCJ, and a little help from me. When he gets too much water in it, he just takes out one through bolt from either side of the front rollcage foot and parks the Jeep A$$ high on a curb or pretty well with his 'glass tub.
Oh, one word of caution, and i hope you see this, ALEC! REMEMBER to put the bolts BACK in before you go four wheeling just may get STUCK without a WINCH in deep FL SwampMud and have water coming IN through the boltholes! Hahahaha, just teasing Alec there.....It wasnt MY feet getting wet!


If you cant DODGE it, JEEP it!
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