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Re: 2000 Blazer \"surging\"

Hey Dale
I was having the same problem with my 94 Sonoma. I found it to be my throttle posistioning sensor. (Thanks to the help of another 4x4 site) It may be an off and on again problem. Check the voltage on the TPS with a volt meter. You'll have a different setup under your hood so I can't say where exactly to look for it. Hopefully the wire colors are the same. If you take the grey(+) wire and the black(-) wire, measure the voltage. It should be minimal. As you increase throttle, the meter should measure a steady increase in voltage. You should be able to get it up to 4-5 volts at 4000rpm+. If this does not happen, you have got a bad sensor. It helps to buy a service manual. It will show you step by step how to do it. Good luck.

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