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Re: 454 Starter experience

This is an easy one...
I do A LOT of chevy big blocks!

An ignition cut out switch...

Mount a switch that controls the current to the ignition where you can reach it from the drivers seat.
Get the engine cranking good, and then turn the ignition current on, and it will start right up.

What is happening is the engine gets hot, you stop for awhile for gas or what ever, when you go to restart, everything is hot under the hood, and fitting tight and sealing well.
You still have fuel in the cylinders from where you turned the vehicle off, and it's boiled into vapor.
The engine is hot, so all controls are in the 'lean' mode, so the fuel/ air mixture is lean and ready to pop...
Since the engine is full warm, the ignition is advanced to the limit more than likely...
You draw in cooler air from outside, and that makes the intake charge even more dense...

Then you hit the key...
And the fuel sets off with the ignition at full advance, and it tries to force the piston/ rod back down the way it came instead of letting it roll over, and sounds like the starter is dragging...

Put in an ignition cut out switch, and get the engine cranking, then throw the switch...
Once the engine is cranking good, getting it started is no problem...
It also makes a good anti-thieft device.

If you have the later model GM HEI, they can have as much as 35 degrees timing at start up if the sensors say the engine is warm.
It's a real pain in the butt.

Try starting a big block at the race track when you are running 45 to 65 degrees continuous advance on a 1,000 horse power big-block!
They can kick the starter right off the block!!
Gets real ugly for your wallet about that time!! (kind of hard on starter cables too!)

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