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Re: Which tubing bender and Notcher??

I have a JD2 (J-D squared) model 3 bender, it works very well and the price was very reasonable. It is not hydralic and while it would be very nice, I can't see spending $1000 to convert it. Manual is kind of a pain but if you got a buddy to reset it while you move the bar it's not too bad. There was another guy locally that was using the model 3 with the hydralic kit and last time I spoke to him he was looking to upgrade. I'd like to upgrade as well but can't afford to. I guess what bender depends on what you plan to do. I use my for my own personal vehichles, friend's vehichles, and occasional jobs for strangers. If I used it everyday I would defiantely upgrade. If your just planning to use the bender for you and your buddies I think a manual bender would be fine. However if you're going to use it as a business, upgrade to a nicer production style bender. Also definatly get the tightest radius, 180 degree dies. As for the notcher I got the 'ol joint jigger from Northren equiptment. It's a nice notcher but it's key selling point for me is that it is one of the only nothers that goes to 60 degrees, most quit at 45. When I first got it I tried using it in the drill press and I guess I bent the shaft a little. Now I use a 1/2" air drill and it works a lot better. I'm still fairly new to the fabricating biz but the best advice I can give is to buy all your brackets and tabs premade. Unless you have a punch and flametracer a lot of your time will be wasted making little tabs instead of bending and welding. I use a lot of tabs for Chassis-shop as well as a few others. There's plenty of money to be made if you plan on doing fab work as a side business. Matter of fact I'm flying to Dallas next week to take a look at a truck I'll be doing some work on, and I'm just a little guy working out of a friends garage. I could quit my night job and do this full time already but I'm spoiled by my steady paycheck and benefits. Best of luck

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