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Re: Hey H8monday!!!!

NO nothing special to have to look for.
If its an Explorer it will have the 8.8 and it will have 31 splines(it will probably have 3.73 gears and a trac Lock diff).
If its a 95 or newer then it will have Disc Brakes.
The earlier 8.8 without discs dont have the bearing retainer plates at the disc brake backing plate, so it is vulerable to all of the potential problems of the C clip design, such as the axle shaft(and wheel and hub) walking out if an axle or C clip breaks. With the Disc brake design this problem is eliminated by having the bearings(and axle) retained at the backing plate.
When I have gone looking for them I just go to all of the junk yards in an area.
With all of the firestone tires comming apart on the late model Explorers, their are bound to be many more of them in the junk yards soon(as soon as they arent court exhibits),(dont use the Firestone tires by the way, even if they do come on the axle , if you know what I mean).
You just gotta get out there and beat the bushes James. I have heard the prices going anywhere from $400 to $700, with $550-$600 being about average. They arent laying around everywhere but they are plenty of them out there, I think its been the number one selling SUV a few times the last 5 years.

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