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Re: Advice on a build up.

OK, here's my $0.02..

As Curt said, the engine ID is on the block, just below the head, on the front of the passenger side, just to the rear and above the fuel pump.

Scrape the grime away, and you'll find "V304" or "V345" (or, when I looked at and bought my Travelall, you'll find the magical "V392E")

> i'm considering a chevy 350 swap as i don't know how easy
>it would be to get 300hp and 350 lb-ft torque out of either
> the 304 or 345

Is there a reason why you need "300hp/350ft-lbs"? My stock 304 motivated my Scout II just fine - with a 4" lift, 33x12.50s, 4.10 gears.. and would accelerate up a grade while flat-towing another Scout II behind it - in Montana.

With my fresh 345, it's even better - though the wide T19 isn't such a great towing transmission. (With a set of headers, my 345 should be making about 340hp/385ft-lbs - and the motor isn't anything to write home about)

I've been working through some combinations and estimations and lookin' at building a 392 for my Travelall that'll pull 400ft-lbs from 2000 to 5000rpm. I'll have less in the 392 than the 345.

What do you plan to do with this Scout? That might better help answer both the engine question and the suspension question.

Street machine / daily driver? Drag machine? Tuff-Truck competitions? Mud-running? Rock-crawling? Graded Forest Service Roads? Show-only?

Given what you've stated thus far, I'd probably lean towards a reverse-shackle and 4" springs in the front and a SOA in the rear.

On the rust - where do you live? Will it be rusting through again? FG becomes very attractive when you think of doing all of this work again in a few years.

I need to start fixing my tub - specifically the front body mounts, the rockers are starting to get a little weak, and definitely the area behind the rear wheel tubs - oh yeah, and the quarter/end-cap I smashed in on a tree.

My plan is to repair the steel structural stuff, then slap fiberglass on the outside. I have some FG quarter panels that'll be going on. At least the FG won't show any dimples - either straight, or broken.

Thus, I'm looking for suggestions on Dzus fastening the FG outer panels to the truck. <G>

-Tom Mandera, Helena MT
'77 SII "Tigger" in need of body repair
'77 SII "Little Devil" -Ugly.. but you'll only see the tailgate..
'72 Travelall - Ugly, too, but it's supposed to just tow..

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