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Re: revolver shackles...

What are you expecting the revolvers to do for you?
More travel?
If you havent modified your shocks mounts, to except longer shocks and actually use the shocks full stroke, then that will be the limiting factor.
I have seen so many trail rigs out there with revolvers and stock shock set ups, and they really thonk they are getting more travel. Its a crack up. All they do in the stock set up is unload your rear end on steep climbs.
I was on a trail run with a CJ at the start of summer, and iwas pulling him up hills all day long, I told him his revolvers were causing the problem and he wouldnt believe me. he would get on the hill and give it gas and just hop all the way up the hill or untill he couldnt make it then I would have tohaul his butt up the hill. I finally got tired of it and told hime if he didnt pin back the revolvers, I wasnt gonna winch him any longer. After we pinned em up, he climbed like a billy goat.

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