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Steering/body lift question--YJ

I have an 89 YJ--just did a 2" body lift. I didn't do as the instructions tell. It said to undo and remove the bolt that holds the steering shaft on the steering box and undo and remove the bolt that holds it up next to the firewall. Then remove the shaft.

Well, I just lifted it and noticed that the steering shaft slid about 1". I got to wondering why it didn't slide 2" so I looked at the instructions and there it was. Anyway, this was talked about in a previous post but I've become confused so I reposted my problem. I now did as the instruction say, I've removed both bolts, but how do you remove the steering shaft??? I tried to slide it back 1" and take it out but I couldn't get it to budge.
And, it said to slide down the rubber grommet until you see the small spring, remove it but do not the big spring? What is all this? I was able to slide the rubber grommet where ever I wanted it. I turned my steering and do not notice any problems yet, but that is just sitting in my driveway. I haven't been able to actually test drive it with the body lift on because I'm trying to tune my fuel injection. But today is the day I actually get to drive my jeep and tune my fuel injection, I'm just not wanting any steering problems when I go out. So any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Again, it's an 89 YJ 2" body lift.

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