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Re: Welding. Totally OT

that sounds very much like an electron beam welder, although we dont use parent metal in front?

we machine to parts so that they fit together with a snap ( a little lip) usually a 5 -15 thou snap.

then line up the electron gun, and penetrate it 100% ( shoots molten metal out of he back)

it goes thru, fuses both pcs together, ads no filler material, and does not under cut either side. it also must pass Flopuro penetrant inspect, and radigraphic inspect.

we do sometimes use a backer plate to just catch teh splatter on a penetration pass, we usually cover the ugly penetration pass with a cosmestic pass on teh ID and OD of everything the gun will fit in, it makes a darn near scaleless seam.

these are HUGE rooms, they fill a room, and the gun and parts to be shot are enclosed in a vacum chamber.

Ive never seen a smaller version, but our machines are fomr the 602 and 70s since these are BIg buck machines.

what is the brand name of the $25000 laser welder your referring to?


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