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Re: Welding. Totally OT

I hope I don't let you down on this one. I've never actually used a laser welder and I know very little about them. Like I said, I don't own one yet. I can tell you this:

It looks a lot like a fancy sand blaster.

It does use some sort of laser "beam" to join two pieces of parent-metal. A piece of scrap parent-metal is placed over the joint and hit with the laser.

Supposedly, after very little training a technician can become very proficient. Every time I get a case that needs the laser, I send it to a fellow lab owner in New York. The welds I get back are beautiful. Usually, it's difficult to tell where the weld is.

All the welding we do here now is with a torch, furnace, spot welder, or electronic welder.

All the itty-bitty stuff, we either use a $140 torch or the $500 electronic welder. It don't take 24 grand to do everything. Thank God.

The biggest problems we have are with Titanium. It's a pain to cast or weld. We seldom mess with it. We NEVER cast it.


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