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Re: Took the \"new\" CJ out for the 1st time...

Thanks for all the help, one more question though...My tranny engages in gear quite rough. I mean when I go from park to reverse or drive, you can really tell. Like as soon as I put it in gear the Jeep wants to take off. I have a stock tourque convertor in it by the way. It just seems like it is a little rough. The tranny is not rebuilt, and I have no idea the mileage or anything. Also because it hasn't been completely torn apart is there some fluid that will remain in the tranny and not get drained out when you change it? I ran it for a very short time and then changed the fluid because who knows what was in it before I got it. Is there anything else I should do to it before I use it? Do the governor or vacum thing usually go bad? Thanks

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