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Advice on a build up.

i'm just beginning a bare frame build up of a '75 Scout II. actually it's not to the frame yet but close. first i have some basic questions. this scout was my dad's and now that the floor boards are now non-existent he's handing it over to me to work on. the body is shot from rust (surprise, surprise) and is going to be replaced. first question is how do i find out what engine is in it. my dad doesn't know and i don't know where to look on it as all the original paper work has vanished. i know it is either a 304 or 345. i've looked all over the engine but it is all covered in oil and corn husks (a mouse lived in it for a while) and i can't find any markings as i don't know where to look. i'm considering a chevy 350 swap as i don't know how easy it would be to get 300hp and 350 lb-ft torque out of either the 304 or 345. that is for the same cost as getting it out of a 350. second, is doing a reverse shackle worth the effort. i am planning on reversing the shackles and putting on 2" lift springs on the front and either doing a spring over on the rear with 2" lift springs or just putting 4" in springs on. Third, i want to ditch the 727 auto (do i have any buyers?!) to put in a T-19 wide ratio. do any of you guys know a good place to find one as Super Scout Specialists did have any the last time i checked. or are there any other trannies i should consider? lastly, sheetmetal or fiberglass? i'm going to have to replace everything from the firewall back. i don't know how it just didn't fall apart, there's more rust then not. thankfully the frame is alright. sorry for such a long post but i've just gotten started on this project and am excited and have a lot of questions. thanks in advance for any and all of your help.

'95 Pathfinder SE-V6
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