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Engine dies after bad bump

Alright- I took the Postal Jeep off-road last weekend. Nothing more than some mildly flooded trails and a fender-deep creek crossing. The only problem is that when I hit a really bad bump, like a rut or a root ledge, the engine dies! It is also very hard to get started when the front end is considerably higher than the rear. I've rebuilt the carb and replaced the fuel pump. Is it the float in the float-bowl needing to be lowered? I though that might be it but I still have to pump the gas to get it started again at an angle, and if the float was too high wouldn't there be too much gas getting down the carb, flooding it out? Also- my ignition module seems to "melt down" when the Jeep sits (or drives) at idle. I can drive 40 miles at 60-70 the whole way and idle around for maybe 10 minutes and the Jeep gurgles and dies. I check under the hood and the module is smoking and what looks like brown epoxy is oozing out of it down the firewall. Would this be a condition of electrical resistance creating heat, or the proximity of the engine (the valve cover is only a few inches away)? Also- I drove down some nasty wash-board roads to get there, and that didn't bother it at all (bothered my spine a bit though!)

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