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Re: What year s10/Blazer?

I own an 89 S-15 Ext cab Truck tilt, cruise, air, auto with O/D, and a 99 ZR2 Blazer. I can tell you for a fact that ANYONE will verify that has done this that there is a lot more under the hood room in an old body style. The new style hood tapers off considerably and the engine compartment is smaller too. If you are set on a Blazer than that's great, but get an older one. But I have my 89 truck for sale that I want a lot less than you think with almost eveything new under it. I want only $2700 negoitable and it is a straight body, new motor, Auburn, starter, alternator, battery, 31x10.50 BFG AT's, and on & on new parts. You could easily part it out for the money to do your swap. One more thing, you'll NOT find ANY cut out flares to put on a new style either. That means you'll be stuck with a 33" wheel opening. If you go with a 94 back, you can open them bad boys up. I know you've seen the Bad-Bowtie. My truck I'm selling is just like that except blue and a Ext cab. That really comes in handy when throwing stuff behind the seat. And I can tell you that the Blazer is kinda short and top heavy when it comes to building it when the pickups are more stable. I'm building my ZR2 now and thinking about 35's. I know 33's will fit right now with a little trimming. I am going to lift it a couple more inches and with 35's it will be up there. Sounds like your talking a SFA deal. It's not like an older Blazer that's wider. Just keep that in mind before you take the plunge. I'm not saying not to do it, but if you read any of the older posts you can see hoe the S-10 Blazers feel like they are blown around on the road as it is. Get one up a foot more and and with bigger tires and I'm sure you'll for sure get the JEEBIES. I can send you pics of my truck for the H*** of it if you just want to see it and the new Blazer. Tom

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