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Bad noise in 4WD

Guys a little advice would be appreciated.

The past 3 or 4 times I've had my 95 4dr 4wd Kick out off-roading I have been hearing a strange noise from the front end.

This noise can best be described as a LOUD clicking or binding of metal on metal.
It only happens at very low speeds when climbing obstacles or pulling someone out (developing maximum torque while barely moving). It has nothing to do with whether the wheels are pointed straight or turned so I don't think it's the CV joints. My idea is that it could be my auto hubs possibly engaging and partially disengaging, when I shift out of 4wd and go in reverse to disengage the hubs you hear a quiet click, the noise I'm trying to describe is similiar only MUCH louder.

I do have the Haynes manual but have never taken the front driveshaft apart and have no clue as to the mechanical workings of the Auto hubs. If anyone has had this happen or has an idea your response would be greatly appreciated.

The Kick still drives fine but I'm thinking this noise can't be good and don't want to make the situation worse by continuing to drive it off-road before fixing this.


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