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Re: 93 octane in stock engine

I had a great debate resolved on another board about the statement: "Use only regular fuel because higher octane fuel will not benefit your motor". The wording of this bothered me and I asked for an authoritative explanation as to why the hot weather my Corsica ran like crap on regular and ran better on premium. I'm gonna keep this short (well...short for me[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]) ...I asked if the statement meant that you'ld see no increase in engine reliability and longevity or did it mean that it wouldn't do a darn thing for you (which I had an argument with). As I suspected the "generic" wording of the statement is intended to advise otherwise uniformed consumers that premium fuel is not a wear saving and service saving component of vehicle ownership. It DOES NOT mean that an engine requiring low octane fuel will see NO DIFFERENCE in performance. If you tow ........hill climb....dune..or operate a POS 88 Corsica 4cyl auto with the air on in hilly Penna rural/suburban traffic on 90 degree days'll reap benefits in "drivability".......albeit at a price.

I agree with the EGR on curing detonation at higher speeds .....the introduction of the inert combustion gas cools the combustion process (to reduce the Oxides of Nitrogen)......if defective, however, it is usually accompanied with some low speed or idling side effects.

70's Fords......before we got married my wife had a 75 or 7? Pinto know the one Hugh Downs advertised with the "...over 550lbs of road hugging weight"? knocked no matter what fuel you put in it couldn't get out of it's own way.


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