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:: EMERGENCY :: please help.

I was adjusting my valve settings and someone around me threw a small metal screwdriver bit at me and it has since gone into the engine.

If you look at the engine from the from of the car, with the valve cover off. Located at the rear right hand side(firewall end of engine) there is a small hole in which it appears that the oil flows through. The piece of metal bounced off me and down this hole. How do I get it out?

Is it as simple as removing the head or will it just fall into the oil resevoir?
This is an emergency as I plan on going wheeling on the weekend (24hrs time) and I only have a tonight to repair it. All help would be appreciated?

If the head does need to come off, is it an absolute must that the headgasket be replaced at the same time? Nearly forgot, it's an '85 SWB suzuki sierra with a 1.3ltr(g13a) engine....not the toyota listed below, that's my other car

thanks in advance.

ps: the person who threw the piece of metal at me is currently lying on their back with a nice big steak on their eye. *laugh*

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