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Re: 93 octane in stock engine

welp i know i'm only 19, but heres what i think (weather its right or not), u put 86 octane in your car, in my 88 wrangler with the carter carb, it ran like crap, u put 87 its ok, now assuming the 87 is actually 87 octane, and not a watered down 87 to make it 86 which runs like crap, i used 89, once in a while i would put in 92, it ran great with 92, put in 93, it didn't like it, now for my 95 wrangler with fuel injection, i use 87 it runs good, i put in 93, i think it runs alot better on the highway, now i only use shell gas, and this is just what i think, its probably not doing anything differnt at all but for some reason just because its a higher octane i "think" it does, but who knows? anyone got any more info, sorry for the long, speech hope it makes sense

1988 Wrangler Laredo 4.2L w/5spd Manual
1995 Wrangler 2.5L w/ 5spd Manual-dixie horn
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