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any rollbar help for us fiberglass owners??

I have been following all these rollbar threads and the fallout over that unfortunate accident. Like alot of others, I have done alot of thinking about my rollover protection.
Currently, my 'glass CJ-7 has only the stock rollbar tied in with the outriggers from
but I really feel that is way less than adequate. Luckily, my wheeling isn't THAT extreme(I know, rollovers can happen anywhere, anytime)
I have been doing alot of research concerning fiberglass tubs and rollbars, but have drawn a big blank. My biggest concern is trying to mount ANYTHING to the frame through the FG and isolate it without cracking it.
I know alot of people have 'glass tubs. how the heck do you get a decent cage in one and have it not crack the tub, provide adequate protection and look halfway professional?
Can anyone provide any help on this subject? I know there has to be alot of folks in the same boat..
Bob in MA

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