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Re: CJ 7 with diesel engine??

Not very common / fairly rare, but available ---- in Europe.
I have never seen a Perkins in Europe, but i think that
Isuzu/Renault was the two engines used in CJ7's.
(I wonder if the Renault engine actually is another (Isuzu ??) engine, because Renault, Volvo and Isuzu (??) did develop some engines together ...)
To this day, Renault is sold by the Volvo dealership here in Norway.

Today, Cherokee's are available with MV (or was it VM ??) engines. This is an Italian engine.
According to my Jeep dealer's chief mechanic:
"It's ok, but no more ....."
The Chero has a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder, the Grand has a 3.1 liter 5 cylinder (actually the 4 cylinder with an added cylinder). You won't understand the text, but i'll translate the most important parts ...

"Boring x slag i mm" Bore x stroke in mm
"Kompresjonsforhold" Compression
"Effekt hk/o.min" Hp/rpm
"Dreiemoment Nm/o.min" Torque in Nm
"Forbruk v/90 km/t" Mileage -- 90km/h and pr. 10 km
"Forbruk v/bykjøring" Mileage -- City
"Topphastighet" Top speed
"Akselerasjon 0-100 km/t" 0-100 km/h

"Dieselforbruk" Combined mileage city/highway pr. 10 km.

I know that the european Chero / GC are built in Gras /Austria.
I have never seen (in Norway) a diesel Wrangler, but i have seen one in France.
Diesel are very popular in Germany, Belgium, Netherland, France etc.

After a little search on the 'net: M MOTORI&adv=501465&PageRef=81&PgCount=6&PageSeq=1&m ftrname=VM Motori S.p.A.

Oppppsss, after checking your profile, i realized that you are in Finland .....
I would check with your local Renault dealer, because the 7 with a Diesel was design for the european market, and at that time, Renault was the european "dealer" for AMC (??)

PerJ (From Norway)

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