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Re: I need an article on installing TJ flares on YJ

I used a jig saw with metal blades. Be careful! The saw will go through the body very quickly. I expected it to be a lot harder to cut than it was. I didn't tape the body but I am repainting at some point so I didn't care abot scratching the paint but that is a good idea. Basically, I lined up the bottoms of the flares with the bottom of the body, C clamped in place and then did a "feel through", meaning I did a comparison of the inside of the fender to where it would be cut. The main problem is that the inside of the tub butts up against the wheel well on the front. I ended up placing the flare such that I had to cut about 6 inches of the lip off about half way up the front edge to allow the uncutable body through. this will be painted blact and can't be seen behind the flare anyway. Anyway, this should place the rear end of the flare about even with the seam at the back of the jeep. Then clamp (helps to have a second person for alignment) and draw a line along the interior for cutting. When I cut I did it in several passes then test fit the flare each time. The first one is relatively easy since you can place it somewhat arbitrarily based on preference, but for the second you will have to measure to get it even with the other side.

Anyway, I would say take out the fender liner-makes it a lot easier. Use good blades for the saw as dull blades can cause the saw to stick and dent the body.

It took me a couple of days and lots of measuring to finally do it since I really didn't feel like ruining my tub anyway, its not that bad and any small flaws are covered by the flare. Are you doing the front also? That is about the same.

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