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Re: Anyway ever go to Truck Pulls?

We have many pulls around here!! The county next to me has about a dozen of them a year. Virtually all of the county fairs around central Ohio have them.

We were only allowed to run the Boggers that one time. I feel that rule needs to be changed,,, next they will outlaw Mickey Thompson Baja Claws. I feel that if they have a DOT sticker on them and they haven't been altered,, then run them!!

We have diesel classes, small block cheater stock, and big block cheater stock ( basically is stock with a little cheaten,,, hense the name). Pro Stock and sometimes Modified Stock. The big blocks also compete with the Diesels,, which gets pretty interesting. I think that they are going to have to have a wheel base class because most of the diesels are extended cabs and the gassers are older straight axle regular cabs. The extended cab wheelbase, plus the diesel motor weight gives them a big advantage.

I am curious about the tire size you mentioned,,,, " tires must be a maximum of 35". We don't have tire size rules.

I am Diehard Chevy,, but the Diesel class is owned by Dodge!! 6.5's and Powerstrokes just can't compete with the " turned up Dodges" around here.

Later, RedDog

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