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Re: Anyway ever go to Truck Pulls?

Good for you Ryan!!

I like going to both also. I do prefer the pulls and have driven in them before. Hopefully one day I will get my 1 ton back together and pull with it.

I notice in your rules it stated only DOT tires, and no bar tread. We had a HUGE contraversy about that here that involved my brother!! He had just purchased a set of 33" Boggers for pulling and bogging,,, yes he does both with the same truck. They had a meeting with the drivers because some of them were complaining because we had Boggers. We stated that they are DOT legal and anybody can go out and purchase them,, not just us!! The rule committee decided that if none of the drivers complained about while we were at the meeting that we could run them. I knew none of the chicken sh--- would say anything while we were present,, hehe!! While we were walking away one of the drivers ( we dislike) said " I hope they work out because of all the bitchen". We didn't say anthing to him,, but after we won the pull we told him LOL.

I am going to one this weekend.

Good luck, RedDog

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