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Chattering Relay and Injector

I hope you guys don't mind a Jeeper jumping in on your forum. I'm helping a friend work out a problem on his 91 Sidekick... and you guys sure got a lot more expertise on this vehicle than I do... so here goes:

Vehicle: 1991 Sidekick, 4 Door, 1.6L engine, Fuel Injected.

Symptoms: Intermittantly the Fuel Pump Rlay and Inector will chatter when the ignition key is put into the Run mode. When the key is turned to Start, the engine cranks and cranks but will not start. At this time:

1. The system has Full battery voltage,
2. Spark to the plugs.
3. No fuel delivery.
4. No computer fault codes are set.

In the Run mode pulling the connector from the Crank Angle sendor halts all Injector and Fuel Pump Rely chatter.

The Vehilce has NEVER died while on the road, only during the Run/Start modes.


Does the Crank Angle Sensor provide a pulse to two places, the ignitor and to the on board computer to pulse the injectors?

What are the symptoms of a failing Crank Angle Sensor?

Any ideas here would be most appreciated!

Good Jeepin'

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