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Re: Anyway ever go to Truck Pulls?

Here is a pic of Dales other truck Exiter that is in the Modified 4x4 class that has these rules to go by. There are a ton of rules in this class and all the trucks have a huge amount of money tied up into them. He says his is pushing 100K right now and unfortunatly last night he droped a rod and sent it right out the oil pan. His engine in that truck is a 630ci blown on alcohol. Its a trully amazing truck.

Weights & weight bars must be securely mounted. Weights to be no more than 60" from centre line of front axle.
The maximum hitch height is 26". Hitch must be rigid in all directions. Clevises are NOT allowed.
Hitch length is to be 36% of wheelbase, NO LESS.
Front axle hubs are to have protective covers.
Rear axle bolts are to have protective covers.
Driveshaft loops. 3 per driveshaft; minimum length 1" ; minimum thickness 1/4". Loops must cover the entire length of yokes & U-joints.
All trucks must have a working fire extinguisher ( 2 1/2 lb. ABC or 1 1/2 lb. Halon ) convenient To Driver.
All doors & hoods to be functional.
Fire suits are mandatory.
At no time will truck be left alone while running.
Engine displacement 650 cid maximum. No blowers, naturally aspirated only.
SFI approved balancer preferred, otherwise need a shield to cover entire balancer circumference; minimum thickness 1/4" steel or 3/8" aluminum; minimum width 1".
Engine shields to be minimum thickness of 16 gauge; to cover length of block from top of oil pan to bottom of head.
2 solid mounts with no rubber mounts on engine.
Throttle return springs, 2 per carburetor, mounted on the carburetor not the linkage with 1 spring pulling either way.
Headers to be vertical only.
Standard Transmission: Bellhousing SFI approved or Lakewood Steel flywheel preferred.
Automatic Transmission: Must have scatter blanket to cover entire transmission.
Safety items
Rear kill switch and back-up lights mandatory.
No gas tanks in the cab compartment.
Helmets must be worn by all drivers when making their pull. Anyone not wearing one will be disqualified.
Tires to be maximum 34" diameter. Maximum width of rims 18". NO duals. Bar tires only.
No front tinted windows.
Rear boat bumpers to be 24" from the ground and 8" high.
Solid rear suspension only.
All trucks must comply with all safety rules stated here. No truck may bump up into class without complying with these rules.
Lap belts must be worn during pull. Original equipment belts are satisfactory.
Tech. man supplied by the pullers & he will be on the track during pulls of this class.
Only fuels allowed are gas and alcohol.
No floating finish except in pull off only.
Pullers will pull on honour system for weight, with off site scales.
Pay schedule; Cheques must be made out to Southern Ontario Modified Truck Pullers.

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