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Anyway ever go to Truck Pulls?

I just went to my 5th pull of the season and after last night I am totally addicted to the sport. Last night I was helping out, I was driving the packer for 8 hours so I had basically front row seats the hole night and still had time to jump off my tractor and go and talk to all the pullers and get some info. I have now been able to talk to a ton of guys and women and have gotten alot of information on how every thing involved in there trucks work.

Anyway, I really think now that this is the "off-roading" sport I want to get into some day. I have been to both Mud Bogs now and truck pulls and I seem to like the pulls alot more. To me there is alot more exitment in the pulls and there are way more people in the stands cheering on the trucks. Now as far as the class I think I would want to get into it would probably be the Super Stock 4x4's. I have atached the class rules for the Super Stock below...

Any vehicles competing in this class must comply with all Super Stock 6000lb 4x4 rules

Aftermarket intake manifolds, carburetors and headers are allowed.
Must be naturally aspirated with single carburetor (venturi type). No fuel injection and alcohol is allowed.
Inside the frame headers, Pipes must exit at the rear of the cab. Outside the frame headers can exit straight behind the cab or turn downs be directed within two feet of the outside of the body of the vehicle. Vertical headers must be within 10 degrees of plumb.
Weight boxes or weight bars must be securely fastened. No portion of the weights to extend forward more than 60" from the centerline of front wheel.
Lateral bars are only allowed on leaf-type suspension. Coil suspension must have coil located over the center line of axle with radius arms not to exceed 30 inches in length. No scissor type frame allowed. All trucks must have a working suspension.
Hitch to be rigid in all directions to the frame only, height to be a maximum of 24" from the top of the hitching device to the ground. Hitch length must be a minimum of 34% of the wheelbase, [and measured from the centreline of the rear axle to the hook point.]
Engines. stock type or solid engine mounts can be used. If stock type mounts are used a [3/8"] engine chain is required on drivers side only. The centerline of the #2 sparkplug hole on drivers side must not exceed over the centre of the front axle.
No aluminum blocks or heads. [cast only]
Drop box transfercases are not allowed. Production type transmission and transfer case only.
Tires must be stamped D.O.T. not cut or shaved in any way. No bar or tractor lug design allowed.
Tires must be maximum 35 inches in diameter.
Limited to 526 cubic inch engine.

Sounds like alot of rules but its not that bad. About the same mods you would want to do to a bogger. One thing with the pullers is that there is no lift in the front. Most of the guys run 35" tires at stock height by taking off the front bumper and doing some cutting. By doing this you get more weight to the ground.

I have atached a pic of Dale's truck ( the one guy I have got to know pretty well) His truck is a 98 GM reg-cab long box. Its got a 14-bolt FF rear,D60 thats coil sprung up front, 1 ton tranny and T-case and is running a 511ci engine on alcohol that puts out close to 1500 HP.

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