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Re: Anybody have 35\" Uniroyal Laredos willing to sell?

<font color=purple>If you're upgrading to another size up, I'd personally suggest NOT repeating the Laredo M/T route. I had a set of these & really did not like them. My main experience with radial mud tires focuses around these, the BFG MT & the Cooper STT. I like the Uniroyal the least of the three because it has the worst street manners. Much less stable in corners than the BFG or Cooper. The Cooper lasts the longest (and because of that & its price, it's my favorite), while the Uniroyal & BFG are quieter (the BFG the quietest of the 3, but the Uniroyal isn't bad). All three seem pretty evenly matched in the mud & relatively the same in snow. If you really want to stick with the Uniroyal, I'd think they'd be pretty easy to find (they are around here). But, having had them & other tires, I'd not pick the Uniroyals again. Just my $.02.</font color=purple>


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