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Is anyone around? help on brakes

So its been a very long time since I've signed in and looked around. This place used to be hoping and was hard to keep up with everyone, looks like that no longer the case.

Any way hopping someone can help me. I replaced my master cylinder and brake booster (Master Powder Brakes) and now I've got less then about a half an inch of free play and brakes so sensitive that it will throw you through the windshield if you just think of stopping. Not joking doing less then 5mph and just touched the pedal and just about ate the steering wheel. Brakes are not too sensitive to the point that it is unsafe to drive the jeep.

Anyone with any thoughts that may shed light on this.

its a 78 CJ7 with factory power brakes and just upgraded to Vette master cylinder and dual diaphragm booster. This is due to old master leaking into old booster with both needing to be replaced. Mistake on my part was to buy parts and not install them until 18 months later

Hope there is still some of the folks I used to see on a daily basis around that can help, thank you.

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