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Re: Dp vs. vacuum carbs

Something to consider when choosing a vacuum carb is the secondarys will always open late, and never open all the way. It doesn't matter if you use the lightest diaphram spring, because the secondarys need vacuum to operate, if there is vacuum there is lost power. Plus there is no enrichment circuit on the vacuum carb for the secondarys.
A double pumper is the choice to have. You have complete control of your carb at all times, and max power is possible. Using a double with an auto trans is not a problem, you just have to demonstrate some foot control. I use an 800 dbl holley with my auto and I wouldn't have it any other way. And I can floor it from an idle and it does not stumble. I've tried at least a dozen other carbs and none perform as well as that 800. You said you can get one cheap? If you don't want it, I may be interested. Corey

P.S. Dbl or vacuum the mileage is the same.

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