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Re: Should a newly installed crank be tight?

I pulled the crank and bearings out and torqued the caps back on the block. When you run your finger around you can feel a place on each cap but the rear one where they meet the block. When you do this to the 305 you can feel none at all on any of them. the #2 cap is the worst. If I switch #2 and #3, you can still feel it, but not as bad. Is any "lip" at all acceptable? The rear upper bearing half also does not fully line up with the oil hole. It does on the 305 however. If it was line bored wold this be a problem? Also, if it was line bored, and the crank was closer to the cam, wouldnt it also be closer to the deck surface too? Do you have to wory about the pistions traveling too far up in the cylinder (speed pro hypertectic 17cc dish). Any Ideas on what to do??
I need at least 5 years of daily driving out of this engine (1st year of college).
Thanks a million for the help so far!

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