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Re: Should a newly installed crank be tight?

I will go out on a limb here, did you make sure the main caps were pointed in the right direction? Were the main caps marked before the engine was torn down? The main caps have a small arrow cast into them. The arrow cast into the main cap should point toward the front of the engine block (timing chain). If the main caps were not marked at the tear down, it's still possible to figure which main cap should go where. With the crankshaft and main bearings removed, install the middle main caps torqued to spec. Check / feel the mating points of both half circles. There should be a nice smooth mating between the top main cap and the block. It's possible you might have to swap a couple main caps to get the right combination. It's only takes one main cap that is out a couple thousands to make the crank tight! Then again you should only need to check the main caps if they were not marked during the tear down.

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