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Should a newly installed crank be tight?

Started putting my 350 together this evening. I checked the clrance between my stock .010 under crank and the matching Clevite77 main bearings with plasti-gauge. The clearances were well within spec (from Haynes book). I lubed up the half of the bearings in the block, placed in the crank, lubed the top half of the main journel (the half still sticking up), smeared a little silicone around the surface of the rear cap, and installed the main caps. I tightned all the bolts to 30ft.#, then went back and tightned the long bolts to 75 and the short bolts to 65 ft.#. Im using the book "Rebuilding Small Block Chevys" by David? Visard as a guide. The book said that the crank should turn freely when the caps are tightned and the crank journels are lubed with normal engine oil. I using NO.105 Engine assembly grease that I got from the machiene shop, and my crank cant be turned by gripping two rod journels by hand. Is this normal? The grease isnt real thick.....about half way between Vasoline and motor oil. could the slightly heavier grease cause this to happen, and what can I do about it? or do I need to do anything about it? The mains have been align bored.

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