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Re: Shakers for trucks?

Uh oh, looks like I started something here... Tough Trucks, I said nothing about swapping PARTS. I have a ferd type remote solenoid on my truck, it fixes a problem with it, it doesn't add "style". I said I don't agree with mixing and matching DESIGN CUES. As far as I remember, the Shaker hood is distinctly Mopar. It has two forward facing openings that look like nostrils[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]. Now that I think about it, the WS6 firebird DOES have a similar hood, as do old Ram Air GTOs and stuff, but I think they had a different shape to them than the Shakers. I don't think I've ever seen a Shaker on a Mustang, I think it only had one opening, on the Mach I or II or something. If there was that style hood on one, I'll bet that it wasn't called a Shaker. If my Mopar knowledge is correct (which it probably isn't) the intake "nostrils" on the Shaker hoods always had the same lines, regardless of the vehicle it was on. My main point was that I think it's silly to install a style of hood on a vehicle that's an entirely different make than the one that originally had that particular styling. Like a "Cowl Induction" for a Ford or Dodge, or a "Shaker" for a Chevy or Ford. Personally I don't like adding lots of crap to vehicles (like those trucks you see with every single Lund accessory on them - bug deflectors, windshield visors, fairing thingys behind the cab, wind deflectors on the side windows, running boards, taillight covers with cutouts in them, and worst of all, spoilers), I like to clean up the lines that are already there. But hey, that's my opinion. Anyways, that's enough about that for now!

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