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Originally Posted by turboDan View Post
Yes and thanks for the "bump". I have had them for over 30 years and in the last 6 months and ton's of "low ball" offers I may just have them for another 30 years The prices that I set for any of these parts are in line with what you would have paid from some of the suppliers that carried these parts before you could no longer find them. I have gotten "insulting" offers from people looking to STEAL these parts from me. I have even gotten the old
"I just saw a set of those 1/4 pannels sold on e-bay for only $xxx.00 just last month" but when asked for the link they could never find it
No problem,I am not looking to get rich off these parts,just looking to help someone out that is restoring their Scout and at the same time free up some space in my attic.
Bump. from getting more INSULTING offers
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