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MAF - you may want to check on the screen to make sure it's not clogged or dirty and clean it. I'm pretty certain that what you want is volts.

Misfire - could be worn/fouled plugs, bad wires/cap/rotor, low fuel pressure, bad injectors. Could be fuel (low fuel pressure) or ignition related (not enough spark created for complete combustion)

EVAP - the gas cap is the most common. If it doesn't fix it there's a black cyindrical shaped object, which should be near the bulkhead (firewall). Could be in need of replacement hoses or there may be a leak in the system.

I hear that the Haynes manual is much better and more detailed than the Chiltons; in comparison to the FSM which is about $115, it's your next best bet.

I need a bigger engine!
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