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Re: 94 YJ Front Axle Travel

Amcj10 it has been a while since my '94 YJ was spring under so I don't remember what it was. While it isn't much, I don't think that it was only 1" or LESS. I suppose that your springs may be tired or abused or somesuch but there would probably be other signs of abuse if it is so. What I CAN tell you is that the knocking can (and probably does) come from several different sources. The primary thing to look for is loose fasteners. Look at everything. And I mean everything. Shackle and spring bolts, spring plate bolts(u-bolts), shock fasteners both upper and lower. Get a friend to ride with you and between the two of you determine from which side it cometh. See how low a speed you can get it to talk to you. If it is low enough speed and you trust your buddy enough, lie down in the street(parking lot WOULD be preferable) next to your favorite bump and watch as you hear and you will probably learn what you need to. Use your imagination.
Let us all know, please.

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