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Re: does anyone here own a monster truck

<font color=purple>I'm not a huge fan of monsters either - or what they've become anyway. Outdoor side-by-side racing was pretty fun to watch. Indoors - even in the larger domes - they just can't stretch their legs enough to put on a show that keeps me interested. And the freestyle stuff is okay, but not as a replacement for actual racing. But, if you want to see more, here's a site Big Dawg. This guy is a member of our local club & has a brand new monster truck that he debuted just after the completion of Top Mud Challenge 2000 on July 4th.

I too think NMRO racing should be on TV again (or some sanctioning body), but I think to keep it interesting, they need to concentrate a little less on the blown cars & incorporate some of the lower classes into the segments. When they show 8-10 mud races on TNN a year & each one looks exactly like the last one..........well, how many times do you watch a rerun of your favorite show before you turn something else on? Obviously, the fastest classes should get top billing, but they need to show some of the other stuff going on - or better yet, go outside of NMRO & show some trucks in deep mud. That's not safe for the fast cars, but I'll tell you that the first street truck to clear my deep "Pit" on July 4th got 5 times the ovation of the guy who broke the G.U.M.B.O. Pro Modified record on the "Fast Track". That's just how it is.</font color=purple>


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