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Annoying problem with Predator 90 transmission


I was sold (traded, actually) a used Predator 90, by a person who claimed it had NO mechanical problems whatsover. However, upon his attemp to demonstrate to me that it worked, forward gear seemed to not completely engage. Since I was expecting (and paying for) a project anyway, I continued with the deal, thinking that maybe the shift lever was offset and simply not traveling far enough.

Adjusting the shift lever did nothing, so I finally pulled the transmission apart. The E-clip that holds the reverse gear in place had slipped out of its groove, allowing reverse gear to travel WITH the selector, so it was essentially trying to go forward and reverse simultaneously. One end of several teeth were stripped off the reverse gear. I have no need for reverse at this time anyway, so I figured I'd just re-seat the E-clip, flush and replace the oil (to get rid of the metal shards from the shredded teeth), and be done with it.

This lasted about an hour before the problem returned. I am assuming the clip came out of its groove again.

Is this a common problem at all? What's going to be the permanent fix?

I'm thinking about just REMOVING the reverse gear...
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