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More on bmx 500

Well, we spent the money and traveled to dallas to see first hand the 'bmx 500' utv being sold by "best price atv". This firm has a lot of complaints filed with the "better business bureau" in texas. Over one third of the complaints have not been satisfied. Most complaints center around parts availability and missed shipping dates. On first contact, the machines look ok. The colors are not at all as represented in the catalog or in the internet add. Close inspection shows where the money difference is! Components are smaller, fit and finish is not great and service access is terrible. To check the oil one must be a contortionist! The "cfmoto" engine started easily and ran well. The shift mechanism was difficult to move in and out of the selected gear range. The unit ran ok in 2 and 4 wheel drive but could not be steered in a turn in 4 wheel locked condition. What appears to be a roll protection unit is a back to front bar on each side of the vehicle that is connected only on top by the plastic roof. I would be very afraid of a roll over situation. The front hood does not tilt for inspection or service of the front components. There is no oil cooler and the radiator is quite small for the application. I would be concerned when operating where i live...arizona. One feature that bothered me a lot was the steering setup. The steering bar and joints are located in front of the 'a' frams and in fact would be the first contact with rocks or any material under the utv. Other utv's on the market place the steering arm above or behind the axel-a frame unit. Upon our return to arizona, we again looked at the 'yahama rhino' and at the 'arctic cat prowler'. For our application these units match our needs best. Honestly, there is no comparison. If you want a toy to play with, the chinese machine may work. If you want a serious utv that you can rely on and feel safe in...then that is a different animal. The old addage really applies in this case..."you get what you pay for!" we bought two "yahama rhino" machines...2009 models, and we are extremely happy. We hope that our ranting in this forum will help others with their decision. Dave
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