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Need more power in my 400ex ! What should I do? 440?

Ok this is my first time using a forum so here is my storyÖ. I currently own a 2007 400ex. I am sick of my friends who most of all have 450 and a few with Suzuki 400ís that can all kick my ass! My quad is mostly stock other than I have a full LRD exhaust and K&N filter. Now I am ready to do some motor mods! My main plan for doing this is because I love to drag race the thing but like I said Iím sick of getting my ass kicked! So now its time to put my money in it! The more I read these forums the more I learn so here is kind of my current plan. I was planning on buying and rebuilding a full new motor! ( I keep hearing that I should mod a motor older than an 05 because thatís when they got reverse so it changed something or another I donít know, if you do post it!) I wanted to bore it out to a 440! (Although I have recently read that 426ís are faster at dragging because they rev faster. Is this true?) I was going to get the JE 440 big bore kit 12.5:1 piston, Hot Rod Crank, Stage 3 Hot cam, (although people keep mentioning a TC cam??? I canít find that anywhereÖ.) bigger oil tank, Edelbrock 440 Carb kit, and some kind of rev box (still not sure what kind). Any suggestions on buying new sprockets? (Is it worth the time and money?) What about changing my gearing? I need to know how this is all going to work? Will this run like the bat out of hell that I keep dreaming about or what should I do instead? Iím willing to put in the time and money to do this one right, but I donít want to spend all this money and then blow the motor. I will take ANY suggestions you haveÖ.
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