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Plugs and Cdi

Originally Posted by jeffrey View Post
is there a hotter plug you can run in raptor 50 other than the autolite that came in it and does changing the cdi box help enough to change if so which one is best for money?
If you took out an Autolite I would say that it was not stock. All new yamahas run NGK plugs. stock part numbr NGK-CR7HSA try this plug first and if you want hotter just go to a NGK-CR6HSA the lower the number the hotter the plug.

As far as the CDI box I would go BIG GUN I had one on my CRF50 and it performed great. Also the other guys on here are saying that good results.

Just remember adding a CDI would work best with a new high flow airfilter (K&N) and Jet Kit as well as the intake mods and an exhaust system.

If you want speed be prepared to spend a little cash.

check us out and let Honda East Toledo Maumee, OH 1 (877) 437-1631 we will ship anything you want to whereever -- let them know Rob sent you.
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