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Check and grease the connections. Sounds like dirty/oxidized contacts. Give ‘em the old in-out a few times.

Beyond that, buy a noid light, they’re pretty cheap. Is there a place to connect a pressure gauge? Don’t know about TBI, my TPI has a connector on the rail.

Doesn’t sound like the regulator is the problem but you should be able to pinch or block the return line to make sure.

A scanner is the best investment you can make. Not a code scanner but a full real time scanner.

Mine went to running rich. I checked everything I could but didn’t find anything. Even tried the parts swap method and failed. It was beyond me so I took it to Precision Tune. They charged me some money but weren’t successful either. I bought a scanner and hooked it up. I checked this and that but nothing seemed unusual so I scanned through everything again checking each reading. The water temp sensor was reading minus 39 degrees, it throws a code at minus 40. Unplugged the sensor and it ran fine then I replaced it.

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