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I have a Howell TBI on my Jeep 4.2L, other wise stock, motor. When I first installed the TBI the Jeep would run fine, for the most part. However, at times it would hesitate off of idle and then act like it just ran out of gas when I would come to a stop. When it would "run out of gas" I had to restart the Jeep with the pedal floored. It would blow black smoke and then I would have to feather the gas up until the motor started to run normally again. If I let off of the gas to quick after restarting it would die again.

Now, if your problem is similar, I spoke with Howell and they recommended adjusting the idle air mixture. In my application, this required grinding off a plug and then, essentially, turning the idle speed up a bit. I ended up bumping my idle up about 100 rpm during this process and have not had a problem since -- 7 years ago.

-- mike
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