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Chevy TBI Guru's...need a little help

My jeep with it's 5.7L TBI quit on me this morning....acted like it was out of fuel...happened once before when it was at my buddies shop when we were installing the bumper....we know it's a fuel problem.....a squirt of carb cleaner will get it to ign is ok....

Plenty of fuel in the tank....I can hear the pump running...

Prior to it quiting it was kind of chugging.....then running ok....then acted like it ran out of fuel....not a sudden cut off.

I popped the air cleaner....gave the wires on the injectors a wiggle....then she fired right up and ran fine.

Looking at the wiring...I have a fused hot going to both injectors and then each injector is fed from the comptuer....hence, the only thing common is the hot...but I'm inclined to think that if one injector was not making a good connection then other one would at least keep it kind of running....I think I need to do a voltage test.

Could the regulator in the TBI body be an issue? As a reminder, this engine sat up for about 3-4 years before it was ran again....and yes, I have ran sea foam through it.

I'm also wondering if there is any relationship between this problem and my poor fuel enconmy (12 mpg) and boderline HC readings on the smog sniffer.

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